Archer Farms Salerno Style






Reviewed by: ders0

brand/family: Archer Farms
type/style: Original ("Salerno style wood fired pizza")
manufacturer (check packaging): Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (yet it is marked as 'imported from Italy')

Date Purchased: 11/07/07
Date Cooked/Eaten: 11/08/08
Freshness Date (as marked on packaging): Suprisingly Unlisted

Purchased at... (store/city/state): Target - Roseville, MN

Means of Cooking: Followed directions for oven baking
Cooking Time/Temperature: 10 minutes at 450
Cooking Instructions (as advised on packaging): Set oven rack in top position. Place pizza directly on oven rack. Bake 8-10 minutes until cheese is melted and topping is hot.

Packaging Type: Shrinkwrapped and in a box, no cardboard disc.

Accompaning beverage (if any): Vault
amount/type of alcohol consumed prior to eating (if any): none
amount of pizza consumed: The whole thing
hours since previous meal: 10 hours


yeast flavor? strong
texture? crispy
density? quite dense


herbal flavors? some
spice/sweetness? some spice
amount? perfect


cohesiveness: high
viscosity: Medium
amount: A little more would have been nice

toppings (if any/describe each seperately): Roasted Tomatoes
level of moisture in toppings: Very good due to having it cooked medium rare. With this type of pizza, overcooking does not fare well. Even though it has been suggested, I find it nearly unplalatable if the toppings turn brown; too dry and tasteless.
level of freshness: Fresh as far as I can tell for a frozen product.

This pizza is on a whole other level than what I'm used to. This thing is handmade in Italy and shipped here. I kept eating it not because I was hungry but I was that intrigued with the flavors of this pizza. I was curious at first what the Buffalo meant in the title of the pizza, I was expecting some buffalo sauce flavors or something, then i read the back of the box and found out the cheese on the pizza is actually made with buffalo milk as well as cow's milk. The cheese tasted super awesome. The tomato flavor was also very strong. At first I was dissapointed at the amount of tomato on top of the pizza but there was a ton of tomato flavor within the sauce, more than I've ever tasted. The sauce tasted more like tomato juice than pizza sauce. Overall a really awesome frozen pizza.