Bellatoria Ultra Thin





slice (hires)

Reviewed by: satan165

brand/family: Bellatoria
type/style: Ultra Thin
manufacturer (check packaging): Bernatello's

Date Purchased: 10/28/07
Date Cooked/Eaten: 11/2/07
Freshness Date (as marked on packaging): unknown

Purchased at... (store/city/state): Dominicks, River Grove, IL
Price: unknown

Means of Cooking: Electric Oven
Cooking Time/Temperature: 10-12 minutes at 400
Cooking Instructions (as advised on packaging): 9-13 min. @ 425
Your chosen cooking style for this pizza: came out a bit burned, their cooking instructions are insane, i was well below in temperature and time and it was on the cusp of becoming inedible if i had left it in any longer, its too thin to withstand 425. the burned parts on top were good but underneath (difficult to have gotten a pic) were not so tasty.

Packaging Type: Shrinkwrapped
Shrink Wrapping type/quality: double unpeeling wrap

Accompaning beverage (if any): none
Recommended accompanining beverage: water

amount/type of alcohol consumed prior to eating (if any): drank at least 6 drafts of labatt blue at the bar, then didnt drink for hours and ate this in a sleepy haze.
amount of pizza consumed: The whole pizza of course
hours since previous meal: 10 hours


yeast flavor? zero
texture? super crispy, but not necessarily in a good way
density? very


herbal flavors? zero
spice/sweetness? spicy! most spicy pizza i think ive ever had, and i dont quite understand why. while it does compliment the margeria style toppings i dont think they intended it to be, maybe i imagined it?!?! they claim its an 'alfredo garlic sauce', granted i was a bit drunk but i didnt even notice this wasnt even marinara, which i cant believe.


cohesiveness: maximum, one big piece
viscosity: maximum, zero flow.
type: mozzerella and asiago....i didnt know it had asiago until i just checked the box, and i detected none, tho in their defense subtle cheese blends like that are often lost on me.
amount: very very little, i guess you couldnt pile much on a foundation this weak tho

toppings (if any/describe each seperately): roma tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes.
level of moisture in toppings: very nice, tomatoes were plenty moist which at minimum perputrated....
level of freshness: ...that they were very fresh.

palermo's by far has the super thin crust on lock, they taught me that it coudl even be good in the first place. this is a bernatellos product, which i didnt even notice until today, days later, as i write the you know its a subpar product. this is their 'high class' pizza to try and compliment the other junk in their line (like roma). as i mentioned above, the spiciness was a surprise, but besides that it was boring at best. this was also small in diameter, and thats unnacceptable unless you make up for it in girth (no entendre intended). i never detected the 'garlic alfredo sauce' or the sun dried tomatoes at all. i kind of burned this becuase it cooked so fast and it was so thin and small diameter i didnt even cut it, i just ate it as one big piece like a wild animal, havent done that in a while! this was a very unfilling pizza. also 'unfufulling'! dont reach for this! get a palermos!