DiGiorno Garlic Bread Pizza





slice (hi-res)

Reviewed by: satan165

brand/family: digiorno
type/style: Garlic Bread Pizza
manufacturer (check packaging): Kraft Foods

Date Purchased: 07/01/06
Date Cooked/Eaten: 07/01/06
Freshness Date (as marked on packaging): Unmarked

Purchased at... (store/city/state): Jewel Foods, Melrose Park, IL
Price: $5 w/ $1 'prefered savings'

Means of Cooking: Rotating Pizza Oven for approx. 15 min.
Cooking Time/Temperature: approx 15 min, unknown temperature (top/bottom heating elements engaged)
Cooking Instructions (as advised on packaging): 20-25 @ 400 degrees
Your chosen cooking style for this pizza: slightly beyond medium

Packaging Type: cardboard box
Shrink Wrapping type/quality: ultra thick

Accompaning beverage (if any): water
Recommended accompanining beverage: cola (coca-cola)

amount/type of alcohol consumed prior to eating (if any): none
amount of pizza consumed: entire thing
hours since previous meal: 5 hours


yeast flavor? perfect hint of yeast
texture? even heavily cooked parts were doughy and soft
density? thick and doughy


herbal flavors? average
spice/sweetness? sauce flavor was lost under mountains of cheese


cohesiveness: good
viscosity: slightly thick
type: low moisture part skim mozerella

toppings (if any/describe each seperately):
level of moisture in toppings: n/a (cheese only)
level of freshness: n/a

Most importantly -- the 'garlic bread' aspect. There was not by any means any strong flavors of garlic or anything reminscent of garlic bread. Just beyond the threshhold for me to say this was no different then a regular digiorno. The pizza was quite good but I would prefer an almost overpowering garlic prescence if I am going to eat somthing called 'Garlic Bread Pizza'. On some level I think teh garlic bread aspect did play into the texture of the crust however, which was nice.