Publix Self Rising






Reviewed by: satan165

brand/family: Publix
type/style: Self Rising Crust
manufacturer (check packaging): Publix (presumably?)

Date Purchased: 8/31/06
Date Cooked/Eaten: 8/31/06
Freshness Date (as marked on packaging): ???

Purchased at... (store/city/state): Publix, Lakeland, Florida
Price: ???

Means of Cooking: Electric Oven
Cooking Time/Temperature: (preheated) 355 for approx 15 min.
Cooking Instructions (as advised on packaging): (not preheated) 425 for 20 min.

Packaging Type: Thick cardboard outer with plastic inner
Shrink Wrapping type/quality: Non shrink wrap with pull apart tabs

Accompaning beverage (if any): 1 Heiniken and 1 Grolsh Blonde
Recommended accompanining beverage: Heiniken or other decent preimum brew

amount/type of alcohol consumed prior to eating (if any): just the 2 beers consumed during, midday
amount of pizza consumed: Entire pizza
hours since previous meal: ate a bagel about 6 hours previous, and last meal nearly 20 hours


yeast flavor? present but 'deadened' and muted
texture? Horrible! defining characteristic of this pizza. VERY BREAD LIKE....dry, old bread
density? dense but not doughy or heavy, just thick and dry and foul


herbal flavors? unnoticeable
spice/sweetness? same as above
amount: medium


cohesiveness: average
viscosity: average
amount: moderate

toppings (if any/describe each seperately): pepperoni
level of moisture in toppings: average, not very greasy (might have prefered it a bit more greasy)
level of freshness: average

the previous day i woke at 6:30 am and went to work as usual. After work i started drinking immediately and eventually ate dinner and continued to drink from 430pm-11pm non stop. went to bed before midnight and had to get up at 315am to take a flight to orlando florida. i ate a bagel in the airport and arrived in orlando before noon. after getting rental car/accomidations sorted out, i made it directly to the store and brought this back and ate it around 4pm. i was starved. strangely i had the self control not to eat it raw and i even preheated the oven (as i was busy running around getting situated on my vacation. the crust was like an old dry pretzel. it was horrible. they use some kind of special yeast probably to make a frozen self rising crust pizza. since this is a generic, they probably used a really cheap one. or maybe since i totally disregarded the cooking directions, or maybe i got a bad hit of yeast, i dont know. the crust was the weirdest and really worst ever. tombstone is an inferior pizza to this, but at least their (albeit thin) crust cooked uniformly and consistently. this was definately still edible, but i marveled at the crust throughout the meal. i was at least very fucking full after i ate it to the point of nearly feeling ill off my gluttony. i had a beer before and during the pie as well becuase i was feeling stressed out and also have a bit of a drinking problem.