Home Run Inn Deep Dish






Reviewed by: doubleJ

brand/family: Home Run Inn
type/style: Deep Dish
manufacturer (check packaging): home run inn, woodridge, IL

Date Purchased: 05/20/07
Date Cooked/Eaten: 05/20/07
Freshness Date (as marked on packaging): didnt look

Purchased at... (store/city/state): jewel, glendale heights, IL
Price: $8

Means of Cooking: gas oven
Cooking Time/Temperature: 20 minutes at 450
Cooking Instructions (as advised on packaging): 15 - 20 minutes on 450, drizzle 1 tsp of olive oil (optional, but of course i did it, used some EVOO)

Packaging Type: cardboard box, shrink wrapped pizza
Shrink Wrapping type/quality: high quality box, average shrink wrap

Accompaning beverage (if any): pepsi
Recommended accompanining beverage: pop or water

amount/type of alcohol consumed prior to eating (if any): 4 PBR 12oz bottles
amount of pizza consumed: 100%


yeast flavor? none
texture? flaky and crisp on outside, soft in middle.
density? Very dense crust


herbal flavors? some herbal italian flavors present, oregano
spice/sweetness? just a bit of both


cohesiveness: even
viscosity: heavy
type: part skim mozzerela
amount: alot

toppings (if any/describe each seperately):sausage and romano cheese came on the pizza from the box, i added a lot of cheese, i love it
level of moisture in toppings: high, at first there was some
level of freshness: pretty darn fresh.

this pizza was orignal called perrinos, and had a small home run inn logo in the corner of the box. they have re-released it, in an exclusive home run inn package. on the back of the box, there is the story of the perrino pizza family, and how this great product ended up in your hands. ive had tons of home run inns, but this was the first time ive had this. it was good, i would get it again, but it seems more like a specialty item to me then your daily za'.